The Best Advice Regarding Acne

If you only follow one peice of advice about beating acne, it must be in terms of what diet you follow. All the creams and medications in the world will never fully solve the problem if you don’t bother to watch your diet. Getting this aspect right is key in getting rid of acne for good.

Common wisdom holds that acne is caused by eating a lot of oily food and chocolate. It’s simply not as simple as that. Your body is a highly complex, very well-oiled machine and, like a top quality car, will require a series of things to cause a breakdown. Using the wrong fuel can cause this cascade failure.

Just like you use only the right gas in your car, you need to put the right “gas” in your body to help maintain peak performance. Highly refined foods and sugars are examples of the wrong foods to use. The body can break them down very quickly amd thus the blood sugar shoots up after eating them. The body goes into full rescue mode and tries to mop up the sugar with excess amounts of insulin. This insulin in turn disrupts the delicate hormone balance in the body and this can cause acne.

If this only happens occassionally, it is not a huge problem. The problem starts when this behaviour is repeated over and over again. The pancreas becomes less and less effective and the body develops a disease known as Syndrome X – insulin resistance. This is a precursor to type II diabetes and, worse for acne sufferers, disrupts the hormones on a permanent basis – stubborn acne is the end result.

Should you be at the beginning of this cycle or quite far into it already, the good news is that it can be reversed to a large extent. You can start right now following a healthier diet that gives your body the fuel it needs and to keep the blood sugar levels as stabile as possible. You will lose excess weight and your hormones will become balanced again and your acne will start to clear up.

You need to analyse what you eat on a daily basis. Are you eating nutritious, healthy food or is there more junk food there then anything else. You need to eat three main meals a day, with a maximum of two snacks. Don’t go for more than 4 hours without food throughout the day. This is a good way to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature to mix and match foods with different GI levels so that your meals are interesting and low GI at the same time. Make sure to include a portion of protein with every meal and snack and you are already halfway there.

Start researching a low GI diet today and you will see that it is a simple diet that allows you to eat in a more healthy manner but to also really enjoy your food.